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What follows was originally posted by me on my Facebook wall. Since the message resonated with many people I’m moving it here so it can live on the public Internet.

Hey Bigots!

You can burn down our mosques in Joplin, shoot at them, and toss homemade bombs at them in Morton Grove and Lombard, but you won’t scare us away. You’ll just double our resolve for holding fast to our religion in the face of threats to our physical safety.

If you succeed in harming us, we won’t despair. We won’t run. We’ll celebrate the martyrs and then we’ll come and get you - with the force of law, not with shots in the dark.

So save your energy, and join us for a civil cup of tea some time. You might find we’re not that different from you.

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When I first started this blog, I was sure I didn’t want to post editorial content. This is, after all, a blog for people who like to make things. But now that I’m starting to get a more public online profile, I need a place to archive things that I want to, or ought to, go on the record as having said.

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