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Earlier tonight I spoke at NSCoder Chicago about how to use jq to examine JSON data. This post contains links and information that I would like to share with the attendees.

First of all, I created sample JSON data that contains information about characters from the Avatar television series. The data is an array of objects, where each object looks like this:

    "name": "Aang", 
    "sex": "M", 
    "born": -12,
    "died": 153,
    "bending": ["Air", "Water", "Earth", "Fire", "Energy"],
    "identity": {
      "nationality": "Southern Air Temple",
      "ethnicity": "Air Nomad"
    "spouse": "Katara",
    "children": [
      { "sex": "M", "name":  "Bumi" }, 
      { "sex": "F", "name":  "Kya"}, 
      { "sex": "M", "name":  "Tenzin"}
  • The full sample JSON file can be found here.
  • A pretty-printed version of the sample JSON can be found here.
  • A PDF file of the slides can be found here.
  • The slides can also be found on SpeakerDeck.
  • jq can be found here.

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