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CocoaConf: How I Prepared, & What I Learned

What Happens to your Passwords when you Die

Running External Commands in LLDB via Python

Rotation and Adaptive Layouts

Code Coverage Without Pod Files

Updating an Aging App

Examining JSON Data With jq

Moving to Pelican

Shapeshifting DIY Robots

Tools I Use in Class

Backing Up your iPhone to an External Drive

Optionals In Swift

Who Wrote This?

Giving Back

Learning About Your Product

Performance Improvement with FMDB

Diary of Apple Watch Energy Consumption

Thanks for the memories, CocoaConf

The layout of my Apple Watch Apps

Switching from being a consumer to a creator

Viewing OmniGraffle Files in XCode

Unit Testing Private Methods with XCode

PostgreSQL Advisory Locks

LinkedIn Can Read Your Emails

Links from my Sublime Text Talk

A List of iOS URL Schemes

How to Delete Multiple Versions of an App in HockeyApp

Evolution of Objective C Database Code

Using Octopress as a Photo Blog

More on Passwords

Protecting Your Users’ Privacy

This is why I love my 11-inch MacBook Air

How to Make a Pinboard Search Engine Shortcut

How to Customize your Octopress Theme

Emotional Changes To The User Interface

Installing mod_perl 2.0

Not as expected

Tag Clouds With Octopress

Shell Tricks - Extracting A Column From A Text File

Excluding Yourself From Google Analytics

Switching To Octopress

How To Wrap Text In Vim

How To Quickly Delete Words While In Insert Mode In Vim

How To Insert A Line Of Dashes In Vim

How To Subtract One File From Another

There and Back Again - A Hacker’s Switch from Emacs Back to Vi

Taking Back My Relationships

Implementing Inertial Scrolling in iOS

Hello, World on the iPhone’

Processing A List Of Files In bash

Backing Up Data With rsync

Google Now Considers Website Speed In Its Ranking

Firefox Search Shortcut

TaskForest Write-up at SourceForge

Communicating During A Crisis

The Performance Cost of Using WordPress

Sometimes Text Files Are Better Than Databases

Adding A Grid To Your Websites

The Most Dangerous Programming Errors

Navigating the Directory Stack in ‘bash’

Follow up: Google Admits Buzz Was Only Tested Internally’

Sometimes Testing Isn’t Enough

Why Should I Use CPAN?

Why Text Editors Matter

What To Do When Your Mac Is Temporarily Disabled

A Very Chicago Picture

Michigan Avenue, Chicago

The Library

Walking and Running to Explore New Places

The Auto Rickshaw

Leaving Glen Ellyn

Pulling into the Station

When Autumn Leaves Start to Fall

Antelope Canyon

Horseshoe Bend

The Bean

Willis Tower (Sears Tower)

Are You With A Newspaper?’

Cleaning Up After Others

A Lucky Shot

Goodbye, Twitter (Updated)

You Can Learn A Lot If You Listen

Who’s Your Child?

The Most Relevant Story

The Best Time to Die

No Regrets

It’s Never Too Late to Learn

How Not to Recruit

Changing Jobs and Keeping Friends

30 Days to Life

Asking for Allah’s help for the people of Gaza

Dropping a Napalm Bomb on a School

Don’t Give Up

Open Workouts

What I’ve Learned About Fitness

The Importance of Having a Good Spotter

One-legged Medicine Ball Burpees

A Different Kind Of Running

My Tiny Challenge

30 Days Later

30 Days

Lessons Learned While Hiking

Dryer Lint Fire Starters

It’s time to boycott the NFL

Hey Bigots!

The Mighty Bowline Knot

The Tautline Hitch Knot

Exercising Your Brain

The Case of the Leaking Space Suit

Inspiration vs. Imitation

Tipu Sultan and James Joyce