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A handy wiki page that lists URL schemes being used by iOS apps is no longer being mantained. I copied the page over to this site in an effort to preserve the data and continue accepting submissions.

When I wanted to add a URL scheme to my iOS app I searched for a registry of URL schemes to see whether the one I wanted (quran://) was already being used or not. I found two good registries: HandleOpenURL and IPhone URL Schemes. Unfortunately, the latter no longer appears to be mantained, because Akosma shut down its operations in May 2013.

Since the content on their Wiki was licensed under the Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 Unported CC license, I copied the content here to preserve it in case the Akosma page goes down.

I’m presenting this content under the same license, and am accepting submissions. If you want to add your urlscheme to this list, please email urlschemelist at with the following information and I’ll add it to the list:

  • the name of your app
  • the url scheme
  • a short description how the url is interpreted

No marketing text, please. This won’t be a place to pitch your app. Please don’t send code samples any more - It’s a problem if the samples are out of date or wrong.

I’m not trying to make any money off this, so please accept this as a volunteer effort. And please don’t forget to submit your urlscheme to HandleOpenURL as well.



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