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Goodbye, Twitter (Updated)

After more than nine years on Twitter, I finally deactivated my account. I refuse to contribute to the success of any platform that promotes the hatred of the villainous Donald Trump. I hope Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey never has to face the persecution that the vile Trump is trying to inflict on people like me. However, if anyone deserves it for enabling hatred, it is him.

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Update 1/8/2018: After two weeks away from Twitter I came back when I learned that Twitter suspended the hateful account that was retweeted by Trump. There is a story about that here.

It was this action that prompted me to re-enable my account.

Those two weeks I wondered if I made the right decision. There are people I care about that I can only contact on Twitter. When I saw the news above, it was enough to change my mind. I would have been happier, of course, if they had removed Trump’s account.

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About That Antelope Canyon Shot

One of the best portraits I’ve taken is a picture that I took quite by accident as I was calibrating my camera for a future shot. This is the story behind that picture. If you know the subjects, please have them get in touch with me, so that I may give them this photograph.

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Taking Back My Relationships

I’m trying to formulate a sensible strategy to overhaul my net presence. The rough plan so far:

  • Change my 12-year-old email address that is on every spammer’s short list
  • Extract friends’ contact info from Facebook
  • Delete Facebook account.
  • Import FB contacts into Google & Mac
  • Redirect facebook friends to current tech blog ( and new personal blog.
  • Find out if FB friends can subscribe to an RSS feed of my blog somehow (doesn’t seem possible any more)
  • Pick up the phone and actually talk to friends more often.

The goal’s pretty obvious - I want to reclaim my data.  I think I own my relationships, not FB, not Twitter, and not Google+.  So far, G+ may be the most accommodating network out there - if I can export my G+ presence as easily as I can export my G+ contacts, we might have a good candidate here.

If you have any ideas or comments or experience with this, please let me know.

I’ll keep you posted.

Update 2012/06/30

Like so many of you, I’ve given up on Google+. Most of the people I wanted to communicate with never made the switch. In the end, having those lines of communication open with my friends was more important than the platform. G+ has been dismissively called a “Ghost Town,” and in my case, at least, that wasn’t too far from the truth.

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