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Running External Commands in LLDB via Python

Many iOS apps today are clients of some sort. They request data from a remote server. Typically this data is served over HTTP (with SSL) and formatted as JSON. At FastModel Sports our iOS app is constantly requesting large amounts of JSON data. While debugging the app I inevitably have to compare what I’m displaying in my views to what the server sent me.

This meant saving the server response into an NSString, printing it out to the console with NSLog, copying that output, switching to Terminal, pasting that output into a file and then running jq on that file. That’s a lot of steps. In this post I’ll show you how to do all of that directly from the LLDB command prompt.

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Moving to Pelican

Several times in the past few months I have tried to add a post to this blog. But I couldn’t because of some obscure Ruby error whenever I tried to generate the blog using Octopress. There was so much friction in the simple act of adding a new post, that I finally decided enough was enough and moved the blog to Pelican.

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