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Viewing OmniGraffle Files in XCode

When I work on complex iOS apps, I like to diagram the complex relationships between classes and subsystems in OmniGraffle. In this post I’ll show you how to add OmniGraffle files to XCode, view them from within XCode and keep them updated automatically.

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About That Antelope Canyon Shot

One of the best portraits I’ve taken is a picture that I took quite by accident as I was calibrating my camera for a future shot. This is the story behind that picture. If you know the subjects, please have them get in touch with me, so that I may give them this photograph.

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The Difference Between a Good Picture and a Great Picture

Travelling often gives you the opportunity to take unusual pictures of street scenes. In this post I describe three pictures I took of the same scene, and how a small change in the third (completely out of my control) changed the picture from a good one to a great one.

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Unit Testing Private Methods with XCode

Now that I’m starting a new iOS development project, I’m trying to have close-to-complete test coverage of critical parts of my code. I’m using XCTest pretty extensively, and found that I needed to test a rather complicated private method that is critical to my app’s user experience. This post shows you how I did it.

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Asking for Allah’s help for the people of Gaza

Was-salaatu was-salaam ala Rasoolillah.

People of conscience all over the world have been watching with horror as Israel continues its bombing and shelling of civilians in Gaza, seemingly intentionally targeting children and defenseless civilians. Despite feeling powerless we want to do something to help the people there, and not merely watch them being massacred. As Muslims we know we’re supposed to materially help those in need as well as pray (make du’aa) for them (as well as other places like Syria and Burma), but sometimes it gets difficult to find a balance between action and prayer. This article, based on notes from various lectures I attended during Ramadan, attempts to help people like me find that balance.

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