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Implementing Inertial Scrolling in iOS

I hadn’t really given much thought to how the iPhone handles scrolling until I recently had to implement it myself. I needed to add vertical scrolling to a UIView that models a real-life metaphor. In my particular case I feel using a UIScrollView would break the metaphor - the user would “snap out” of the immersive app and realize they’re merely using an iPhone app with a pretty skin. So the natural solution was to implement scrolling myself. This is how it went from simple, unnatural scrolling to its current state of acceptable inertial scrolling. more ...

Hello, World” on the iPhone

Hello World on the iPhone
Hello World on the iPhone

Yesterday I started learning how to write applications for the iPad and the iPhone.  There are so many books that promise to teach you everything you need to know that picking one or two (or three) can be very difficult.  While I normally like to learn new skills by reading a good book, I think for iOS development a more dynamic source would be a better choice. more ...