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Viewing OmniGraffle Files in XCode

When I work on complex iOS apps, I like to diagram the complex relationships between classes and subsystems in OmniGraffle. In this post I’ll show you how to add OmniGraffle files to XCode, view them from within XCode and keep them updated automatically.

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Unit Testing Private Methods with XCode

Now that I’m starting a new iOS development project, I’m trying to have close-to-complete test coverage of critical parts of my code. I’m using XCTest pretty extensively, and found that I needed to test a rather complicated private method that is critical to my app’s user experience. This post shows you how I did it.

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LinkedIn Can Read Your Emails

The stupidity of this is mind-boggling. Essentially, LinkedIn is asking you to insert a man-in-the-middle IMAP server that parses ALL your email and modifies the body so as to ‘enhance mobile email, giving professionals the information they need to be brilliant with people.’ The following tweet from Justin Miller first brought this to my attention:

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Evolution of Objective C Database Code


One of the features of Qur’an Memorizer, my first iOS app, is the ability to highlight a verse (ayah) when it’s tapped. To do this I access a database of verse x and y locations and retrieve the 4 coordinates I need to draw the resulting polygon.

The first version of the code released to the App Store looked a little bit like this:

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Using Octopress as a Photo Blog

As an amateur photographer I like displaying my photos on my blog, especially when there are particularly interesting stories behind them. In this post I’ll show you how to modify the default Octopress theme and add a type of layout that highlights a single photograph. You can see an example of this in this sample blog.
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